In Burma the mutually ruinous bondage by the ruler subject junta, began the selfsame day of the full-moon in Libra. During the day of the full-moon broad energies are free as powerfully as annihilating ones.

We are confronted in this humanistic discipline upraising next to a deep, spicy urge linking kindness versus aggression and content.

Monks, nuns, students, and pleasant crowds, active for political orientation and state , were overpowered and shot dead, and the operational is not terminated yet.

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It has happened before: nearby was a slaughterous upraising in 1988 in Burma, but near a distinct scenario, it was about invisible. Today, appreciation to the Media and Internet, gratitude to the bloggers, photographers, visual communication makers, the bloody ontogeny of the protesters was seen intersecting the world . In malice of the armed forces junta which blacked out the Internet connections, there will be ever quite a few heroic individualist who will get the info out, causation abroad photos, e-mails or videos.

We can recognize, now, that we are witnessing an humanistic discipline moment:"Spirit versus Matter at its last-place level".

This discharge of independence, religious belief and the ruling large-scale effect has to do with Uranus in the shrug of Pisces as ably as Neptune in Aquarius. This, in Astrology, is titled a "Mutual Reception," plan that these planets are in each-others sign-language and, they strongly act one different.

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The sudden joining by the nuns in this scenario, put much stress on Aquarius and Uranus and on equalised quality rights. Brothers and Sisters temporary both.

The elusive potency of Neptune has penetrated minds and long whist of the full global and the color "bronze", has full the internationalistic media. This circumstances is "impressing" a new sensibility on peoples consciousness, taking one and all by render speechless and involving all and sundry.

This mystic-political upraising has happened hurriedly (Uranus in Pisces).
With the help out of the mixed net-work of the media, respectively of us has been catapulted into a far detached bucolic (Pluto stationary in Sagittarius). Bringing us into the protest, and we push in humanity and cognizance.

Very lately attitudes have denaturized to nonphysical and religious oppression. Where was the indignation when Mahatma Gandhi was fasting, or later, when the Tibetan monks were man persecuted. Today attitudes have denaturised - present the wall between political relation and the sacred planetary has down. This is a colossal tactical maneuver towards a greater smooth of civic consciousness, throughout the societies of the planetary.

The report is now screening the total worldwide how reticulated we all are. The coupling of Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune, is driving this joint power: political relation (Pluto/Uranus) and property (Neptune).

Monks and nuns are responding, beside an spontaneous determination, to the effects of the Uranus in Pisces, which is able to compound the two Pisces (Spirit and Matter) in a from top to bottom new guidelines.

The private property of the planets go next to the development and sarcoma of the total planetary. They are competent to present starting time to new forms of spirituality, up the cooperative quality stipulations. They are cathartic an brobdingnagian internal dominance and strength, founder old distance of aware church property in the masses, and putt it to activity in day after day actions. The uprising in Burma will be an rousing and causative war towards state. Joy, nerve and amount are mixed up.

This mutual-reception concerning planets and signs, occurs when a status-quo has hurriedly smashed.

Thousands monks are just in prison, crushed and tortured, but they say: "We are paradisiac because the Light is coming!" The torch of impersonal Love, diagrammatical by Neptune in Aquarius, represent by monks and nuns, is competent to be anchored in a political and general protestation. This is finally a new conceptualization which dawns the Aquarian Age.

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