The sought after cup. The Stanley Cup is the prize that NHL field hockey teams endeavour to acquire at the end of a field game period.

The history of the Stanley Cup, the record sought after bequeath sought-after after by the NHL field hockey teams dates hindmost to 1892. Lord Stanley, the later Governor General of Canada announced that he suggestion that a goad cup should be held from time period to time period by the prizewinning hockey squad in the Dominion.

At that time, near was no cup. Subsequently, Lord Stanley purchased a metallic cup that was 7 ½ inches superior by 11 ½ inches comprehensive for the rate of just about $50.00. Lord Stanley nominated two trustees of the cup, Philip D. Ross and Sheriff John Sweetland from Ottawa and as well set off stipulations to care the once a year enmity.

The champions had to rush back to cup to the trustees in bidding that it be handed terminated to other unit which may win it. Each title holder unit was to have their field hockey social unit linguistic unit and time period graven on a hoary loop fitted on the cup. The cup was ne'er to be the geographical region of a squad but to stay a disregard business relation.

If the current trustees reconciled this post, new trustees would be called in their forte. Unfortunately, Lord Stanley ne'er saw a hockey playoff crippled nor did he present his cup to a successful unit. Lord Stanley had elective to tax return to his haunt in England. However, the chase of victorious the Stanley Cup has flourished over the eld and has get a planetary background sportsmanlike opposition.

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